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Build 0.0.6

screenshot_01_0_0_6.png screenshot_02_0_0_6.png

Build 0.0.5

screenshot_01_0_0_5.png screenshot_02_0_0_5.png screenshot_03_0_0_5.png screenshot_04_0_0_5.png

Build 0.0.4

Recording with latency and multi track playback.
screenshot_01_0_0_4.png screenshot_02_0_0_4.png

Build 0.0.3

User interface changed. Recording enabled. No playback yet though.
screenshot_01_0_0_3.png screenshot_02_0_0_3.png

Build 0.0.2

Not much has changed in the visual apparence for this release. More beneath tough...

Build 0.0.1

screenshot_01_0_0_1.png screenshot_02_0_0_1.png

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