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Quick start

This guide will show you how to setup and use Digital Audio Mobile. This information applies to Digital Audio Mobile 0.1.0.

Setting it up

The first time you start Digital Audio Mobile, you will be prompted to provide some settings. These settings can be accessed at any time through Menu->Settings... (see figure 1).
Figure 1: accessing the settings dialog

Audio formats

The settings dialog gives you the option to choose recording and playback format/quality. What you choose here depends on what quality you need and have the storage for; high quality recordings required more storage. Also remember that the device's microphone amplifier probably isn't very good. If you, furthermore, use the bundled headset to create your recordings, chances are you're just going to waste storage space by choosing one of the highest quality recording formats. In the case you use the bundled headset for recording, the 22050kHz, 8-bits recording format is quite sufficient. When it comes to the playback audio format, make sure you choose a stereo format (if available) in order to be able to hear the effect the panning of tracks has.


Latency is the time it takes for the audio to travel from the software buffers, via th drivers through the audio output device, to the speakers, in through the microphone, to the audio input device and its drivers, and finally into a software buffer. This time is largely dependent on which drivers you use, which audio device you have, etc. and is very hard to predict or calculate. It is therefor something that the end user must setup. Fortunately, checking what latency your device has is quite simple.

First, create a new song, enable the metronome both during playback and recording (go to Menu->Settings... and check the metronome boxes, see figure 2). Make sure you don't have a headset or external microphone connected to the device and that you haven't muted your device's audio. The simple start recording.

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